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SpyGlass Cholangioscopy

SpyGlass is a new state of the art procedure that enalbes physicians to direcly visualize and examine inside the biliary and pancreatic ducts

SpyGlass is a fiber-optic camera, about the size of a pencil point, which is inserted into the upper digestive tract and threaded through the stomach and into the bile ducts. This life-saving tool allows doctors to quickly and precisely locate and examine tissue without having to perform surgery.

SpyGlass is used to identify cancerous tumors. With SpyGlass, we can quickly find and immediately clear obstructions and stones within the biliary tract. SpyGlass also uses a light probe and miniature forceps to take tissue samples. This allows physicians to receive an enhanced view of the exact spot for biopsy, an advantage that is not possible with other diagnostic procedures. This helps physicians minimize the need for additional testing or repeat procedures. SpyGlass can also be complemented by laser lithotripsy to manage common bile duct and pancreatic ductal stones.